Prep and Finishers

Prep and Finishers

Finish du Coco™


Water based urethane finish recommended for all interior wood surfaces like furniture and cabinets. Finish du Coco™ will provide a non-yellowing and durable finish and is exclusively developed to work with Paint du Coco™ chalk painting products including Wax du Coco™.


Surface preparation

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from excess Wax du Coco™. When applied over Wax du Coco™ the wax needs to be cured for a minimum of 72 hours and excess product needs to be removed.

Finish application

Allow Finish du Coco™ to reach room temperature before application. Apply Finish du Coco™ at room temperature between 60 and 80 Fahrenheit with a relative humidity rate between 30 and 80%.

Mix thoroughly by gently stirring. Do not shake.

Apply uniformly 2-3 coats, apply every coat between 2-4 hours after drying. When coats are applied after 4 hours dry time, sand lightly to accomplish maximum penetration.

Let dry completely surfaces and wait at least 10 days before cleaning with damp cloth. Do not clean with chemicals to avoid damaging.


Wait 24 hours before allowing light use of the furniture or cabinets. The curing process takes approximately 7-10 days (75% cured after 24 hours, 90% after 72 hours).