Having Fun With Paint du Coco Chalk Painting Products

There’s really no way to even realize how many uses there are for Paint du Coco Chalk Painting Products. There are so many interesting and useful projects that require it and plenty more to discover that we’re just starting to grasp the amazing versatility of things like for Paint du Coco Chalk Painting Products, which, by the way, is exactly what this article is all about.

mirror before and after

You can use our Paint du Coco products to restyle an old mirror. When the design or finish is outdated, the whole mirror starts to look unappealing. You will update the look and feel  with a little bit of TLC. First you should put tape over the areas that you don’t want painted such as any parts made of glass. Then clean with our Degreaser du Coco and  apply a coat of your color of choice. Let it dry and then finish with one of our industry leading waxes.

The project on the picture was a bit more complicated, it’s finished with several contrasting colors and sealed with our Dark Brown Semi-Paste Wax.

One of my favorite projects is my own baby-grand piano, picked up for $75.00! (without legs, my husband bought them online for another $199.00 and installed them), and finished in a Burberry inspired design.Burberry inspired piano


Have fun and please let us know your thoughts and send pictures of your projects!

Love, Natasha du Coco