What’s the difference between a painter and an artist?

Blog6Many times people ask me the question why I call myself an artist and not a painter….

Well, I don’t want to sound cocky and arrogant, but everyone can paint.

Let me explain this. You see that cute dresser at a garage sale and decide to take it home and paint it with chalk paint. Good plan!

You clean the dresser, remove the hardware and smooth up the surface a bit (if you serious, some people don’t even do this) and start painting. Two layers of chalk paint, a bit of wax, maybe 1 hour of work and voila, you have painted your own piece!

Nothing wrong with this but now you have painted but didn’t create a piece which reflects your personality or creativity……

For example look at the above dresser, bought at a estate sales in a fair condition. It took us almost 3 days! in hard work to get it to the final design. We had to fill a few spots with wood filler, sanded it a bit and got to work with our chalk paint collection. I think we used 3 or 4 different techniques to get to the end result.

On this piece we used 4 different colors, 2 different waxes and a lot of hand painted designs.

Blog6aI use this to promote our workshops, painting is so much fun but when you are able to design and create something unique it’s so much better and I guarantee you that you will get a buzz out of it.

Love to see you guys at one of our workshops, we have now 4 different locations and we are working on more,

Art du Coco