The painting life of an artist and mother of 3

The last week I’ve been struggling with myself, I wanted to work but didn’t have any energy or inspiration.

That changed on Friday and I worked like before for 2 days, what a relieve.

I’m not sure what’s going on but every person I’ve asked confirmed that they also have a lack of energy, or even worse, got sick for a few weeks…..

Some people blame it on the Daylight savings, others mention the long winter. I’m not sure what’s going on but I know that it has to change!

My plans for the coming period is to get up early, go for a walk and do my yoga exercises After that take a warm shower but end it with a cold splash to get the blood circulation going again.

Fresh raw juice breakfast and up to the studio to work, I have so many ideas now that we are working with the fabulous van Gogh products and why waste time?

Let me know if you have the same feelings and we might be able to inspire each other and get back to our normal healthy and happy lifestyle.

Love and I’ll keep you posted.