Paint du Coco and Wax du Coco product launch!

Blog4I’m so HAPPY! that after months of hard work, frustration, headache, sampling, testing, sampling, testing and testing, we are finally ready to launch a new line of gorgeous products under our Paint du Coco and Wax du Coco brands.

My father, may he rest in peace, will be so proud to see that I’m using his paint recipe as basis for our professionally made matte furniture paint. The paint contains ingredients like ??? (Chalk) , to give it matte finished look so desired by Shabby Chic furniture lovers.
My father let me help him painting the house, inside and outside, fruit trees and furniture when I was a little girl. I remember him mixing all kinds of ingredients in a large wooden bucket and he always explained to me that this was his secret recipe and that we should keep it in the family.

Our paint is made by professionals in Colorado to ensure that our quality stays at the highest level, we are selling our products to retailers like Ace Hardware and we can’t produce the quality they are looking for in our basement…….

A unique product line of environmentally friendly matte furniture and kitchen cabinet paint made in Colorado with Rocky Mountain pure water.

Offers low VOC and a hint of fresh scents properties giving exceptional high hiding coverage.

Our second, and very important, product line is called Wax du Coco. Waxes for sealing our Paint du Coco, especially developed with the best in the industry to please the most discriminating customer, ME!

We have created 3 different waxes, all in clear and dark, with different qualities and characteristics.

Our Organic wax is made in a FDA and Green America certified facility and can be used on cribs, kids toys and even wooden products that will be used to prepare food.

The Semi-Paste Wax is a pleasant to apply wax to seal our painted furniture, and last but not least, our Tough Wax is developed for sealing table tops and kitchen/bathroom cabinets. Very durable but easy and pleasant to work with.

All of our waxes are NON-TOXIC!

Soon we will add our products to our online store, please keep checking!

I really hope you will try our products out and let me know what you think about them.

Warm regards, Natasha du Coco