Kitchen upgrades you deserve!

12009617_737551076370473_3319828647730773520_nHave you ever thought about replacing your kitchen? I bet you did and when you asked a few companies for a quote your dream vanished as Vanilla ice cream in a Sunday morning sun……

Natasha du Coco started her kitchen upgrade program a few months ago and started to work with established companies like Decor & You and Ace Hardware Stores, this program is very simple but, maybe because of that, very effective.

Customers who are tired of how their old kitchen cabinets look invite Natasha to do a free estimation and after the consult they can order their sample board for a small fee. Next step is to sign a very clear contract and order the paint plus other van Gogh products needed to transform their tired and (over) used kitchen cabinets.

Customers can chose to have the entire project be handled by Art du Coco, or if they want to save a few dollars, uninstall and deliver the doors to our studio for an amazing transformation.

12004977_737551099703804_8881760677635603260_nwant ornaments and a kitchen island like on the picture, no problem, Art du Coco is skilled to deliver almost any dream you have.

The price?, a fraction of the cost to replace your kitchen. Another benefit is that you aren’t having workers and mess around you for days or even weeks, no sanding in your house with van Gogh Fossil Paint products!

Curious after reading? Contact us at or complete the contact form and we will respond within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to be the lucky one to transform your kitchen whenever you are ready,

Natasha du Coco