Colors chosen for a reason!

Blog3Everyone knows that color choice will be a huge factor if a project succeeds or fails…. The time I spend selecting a color is significant and sometimes a painful process.

Now that we have launched our own color chart, and we can’t hide behind the selection of others, we can explain a bit more why these colors made it in our pallet and others didn’t.

I love the hard green, orange, yellow, blue and reds but be honest, how many of you would use one of these to paint a piece of furniture for your own house?! We have tested over 45 colors, created them, produced the samples and let a team of professional artists and painters give their opinion about them.

The 25 colors that made the cut are selected with help of a lot of people. OK, I forced a few of my favorites into the chart but that’s because I’m the owner and have a veto. The color Ripe Cherries was chosen because I’ve always had fond memories of my father harvesting ripe cherries in our garden and when I had to create a red it was naturally for me to make this one.

Blog3aAnother one of my favorites, Maya Blue, was developed by matching the color of my favorite pieces of jewelry, this color was MY color way before I started to paint or even thought about becoming an artist. I like it so much that I named it after my mother!
Maya Blue

I want to offer a pallet with colors that are being used by you, I’m not producing a “cool” color card and end up with several not being used colors, does that makes sense?

White shades or variations are HOT, you will find 5 of them in our chart, Grey variations are in fashion too and therefore we have several of them.

Does this mean that we won’t change or add colors, NO, we will see how it goes, what kind of reactions we get and take it from there.

But, keep your hands of my personal favorites 🙂

Warm regards, Natasha du Coco